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Replacing your sliding glass patio door can cost $1000 - $2000 or more. Sliding Glass Door parts are a more economical way to do it. There are lots of handyman services that can repair your sliding glass door for you if you feel that you can not do the job yourself. The only problem is most Handyman services go to the local Big Box store to attempt to find parts for your door. Sliding glass door parts at Big Box stores ie... Home depot and Lowe's but these Big Box stores carry a very limited supply of parts for your sliding glass door, in fact they carry about 10 roller assembly selections. We carry 269 different selections. The one way to get your door repaired is to find a local Handyman, not a Service Magic or other Handyman service where they send out a so called skilled tradesman. The reason I say that is because these large companies simply market their services and you might still get the same local handyman at an inflated price. These services are over priced and you never know who you will get. I have found good ol 1 man and a van Handyman services work the best.

You get someone to come and remove the roller assemblies and then stick your door back in. Also check the condition of your track and make sure you do also need a track topper.

With roller assembly in your hand come here and locate your roller assembly parts, purchase them and then call your handyman back and have him complete the parts replacement job and re install your door. As always, you can send us a picture and some measurements from your parts and we will be more than happy to locate the item numbers for you and let you know we have found the parts for you.


You should be able to get the labor portion done for less than $300 (two trips $150 ea or less) Your parts $75 - $100 and you can get your sliding glass door repaired and working like new for less than $500, a fraction of the cost of replacement door costs.

NOTICE: Stainless Steel Rail Topper Please Read Warning Below
Some People are selling Track Repair Caps that have been cut into 3 and 4 foot lengths. Beware of those who are selling the Track Topper/Track Cap/Rail Topper/Rail Cap names usually seen when talking about this product. Who are cutting these down in 3' or 4' foot sections to reduce shipping costs for Long Packages. The whole idea is for a continuous clean solid piece from one end to the other so that the weight of the very heavy doors are fully supported across the length of the rail. If you cut this very ridged piece in half you will have two pieces flopping around and not getting the complete support that is needed for the doors. That's why we only offer full 6' 8' and 10' sections. The shipping charges are higher, but you get a complete product that does the job that it was designed to do.

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