Using Our Find It Service Form

We have initiated a "New Form" for Our Find It Service. There are ceratin picture views and measurements we need in order to help you quickly locate the roller assembly your looking for. If you notice in the picture below, you can see the TOP, SIDE and END view of the roller assembly. Also notice the Housing Length measurement of 2-1/8" is measured from the END of the outer roller housing to the END of the outer roller housing, NOT including the Inner Roller Housing.

We will no longer answer any emails requesting ANY form of "Part Finding Help" unless you first fill out the FORM properly and send it to us with pictures. If you are unable after watching our videos on the HOME PAGE to feel comfortable taking your door frame apart to remove rollers, you should find a Handyman and send him to look at our videos that are located on our HOME PAGE

Sample Roller

Sample Roller Of What We Need To Know

If you look at the roller assembly above, you will notice dimensions. These are the types of measurements we will need to help you find your roller assembly, along with pictures. You should also go and have a look at " Picture Views We Need To Help You Find Your Roller " to see what view angles are best.

We also would need to know if your roller assembly has any machine thread holes on end or top. If your adjusting screw is on the lower end or up higher like where this one has the machine thread hole.

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