8' Small Stainless Steel Sliding Glass Door Sill Track Cover/Rail Topper

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8' Rail Cover Stainless Steel- Repair 6 or 8 foot damaged or corroded patio door track with easy to install The Small  Stainless Steel Sill Track Cover sometimes referred to as "Rail Topper". This product may save your marriage if your wife has to open the hard to move sliding glass patio door.

We have set up a cut off saw and we are now going to cut all tracks ordered to exact length with customers need. There was an explosion Friday January 5th 2018 from some of the largest companies in the United States who ship 96” products because it appeared all of the World Ship (UPS) and FedEx software has forcibly updated on everyone's shipping systems. Now a tube of 97’ (cheap plastic caps) - 101” (better metal caps) which is the normal size tube for 96” material that normally costs about $30 has magically risen $125.00 + to ship the same 96” item. We have been rethinking our shipping methods and Tube packaging. We can ship long material 96” and Shorter down to 48” safely and for the now current rate of about $30.00 – $35.00 to the Lower 48 States. Product Weight is on longer considered or used for UPS and FedEx shipping, so a 1lb. or a 15lb. part cost exactly the same price. Everyone should Google or your favorite search engine for the term “Dimensions weights shipping” and see how the Monopoly UPS and FedEx has re configured their shipping rates to gouge hundreds of thousands of consumers with shipping over 48” items and especially 96” items. UPS and FedEx is looks like attempting to offer a discount to HUGE manufactures shippers shipping 100’s to 1000’s of long items a week. But the the discount as I can tell is still going to raise 96” shipments from around $30.00 to near $50.00 +.

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 You will need to use an Epoxy Glue to hold the Small rail Topper in Place in some cases. Make sure you have used a good solvent to clean any oil residue from your old track before using the Epoxy. We will put a 4" line of epoxy on each end and a little bit in the middle. Depending on how close to the ends of your track the damage is, the weight of the door may cause an end to try to curl up if you do not make sure you Epoxy the ends down.

 We personally use and recommend Loctite® Instant-Mix™ Epoxy 5 MIN

Home Depot SKW # 677156
This Part # Does Not Show On The Home Depot Web Site But you can call your local store and check stock with the above part #

We Recommend You Always replace your rollers when you install the rail topper. Rail Topper will not fix your bad wheel bearings.

We will once again "only ship 96" products cut your specific rail length you need" in the checkout comments box at CEHECK OUT. 

This is the one product I recommend. It is a slightly heaver gauge than the 6' rail topper and will hold up better on the heaver doors with double glazed glass(thermo pane). Can be cut to size(length)

The Rail Cap / Topper is the best selling product we have for Sliding Glass Door Rail Repairs

Please do not buy the cut (3' 4' 5' 6' sections) rail toppers to save a few bucks on shipping others are selling. Always use a one piece full length rail topper unless of course you have a door that has an over 8' long track. Pocket doors with 16' tracks can use 2 - 8' rail toppers. Just ask and we can show you how to use 2 - 8' rail toppers. Our prices and shipping charges are competitive with others selling same product.This product will always ship from Atlanta  Ga. when you request us to cut it for you.


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