Don't Buy Short (cut) Rail Topper

Beware of those who are selling the Track Topper/Track Cap/Rail Topper/Rail Cap names usually seen when talking about this product. Who are cutting these down in 3' or 4' foot sections to reduce shipping costs for Long Packages. The whole idea is for a continuous clean solid piece from one end to the other so that the weight of the very heavy doors are fully supported across the length of the rail. If you cut this very ridged piece in half you will have two pieces flopping around and not getting the complete support that is needed for the doors. That's why we only offer full 6' 8' and 10' sections. The shipping charges are higher, but you get a complete product that does the job that it was designed to do. However in this $4+ gas economy we now must concede that the 10" rail topper has become almost Gold when it comes to shipping.

Curled Up Ends Of Using 2 Piece Rail Topper

I finally got one of the cut in two rail topper jobs here in Atlanta. As you can see the 8' door that had this rail topper installed had a bad track about 3 foot into the track itself. So when the rail topper was cut at 4' it was almost right on the bad spot in the track. As you can see there was not enough support near the bad track spot to support the weight of the door. The weight of the door along with the location of the bad spot in the track caused the cut 2 piece rail topper to roll up and cause the door not to work. We installed a complete 8' rail topper and it is capable of spanning the several inch bad spot in the track itself and is now working like a charm. The rail topper wont span a 6" long spot of bad or missing track but it will comfortably take up a 2 or 3 inch bad track gap as long as the rail topper is installed in one piece full length.


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