Guide To Find Your Correct Roller Assembly

Also You Can Do A Manufacture Search In Search Box To Pull Up All Products Related To A Manufacture Name If You Have Some Idea Of The Manufacture Some Matching Products That Go Together Will Show Up In Search

Using the pictures below decide what features your roller has and do a search for those features, it will greatly narrow down the amount of rollers you will have to look through to find yours

There is over 180 different "Stamped Steel Roller Assemblies" We have added "key Words" to these products to assist you in narrowing down what your looking for without having to look at all 180+.

Below we will show pictures with different styles showing the "key words" we have added for you to search for.


Sample Roller Assembly 1

The above roller assembly has three features Tab Mount, Top Guide, and Dimples. So to find a roller similar to this ones features the "search" "key words" are (topguide tab mount dimple) entered into the search box.

The Roller Assembly below has one main feature, it is called a Top Mount. This type of roller is secured by a screw coming through the glass channel of the bottom rail of the door.

Sample Roller 2

The "key word" search term to find this type of roller assembly would be "top mount" with Quotes

The roller assembly below is a "Rail Lock Mount" where there is a crimped out spot that allows the roller assembly to fit into a notch or slot in the bottom rail of the door.

If you will notice this assembly has a "Rail Lock" and also has "Dimples" . So if your roller does not have dimples then you only need to search "Rail Lock" and all of these will come up, with and without dimples. You could do a search like "rail lock" dimple or if yours has no dimples then just "rail lock"

The roller assembly below is a "HookTab Mount" type roller assembly

Sample Roller 4

This roller keywords would be hooktab flare dimple. If no flare or dimples in your roller then just search hooktab or could be hooktab dimple


The roller below is what we call a No Mount because it has no Top Screw, No Tabs, No Rail Lock

No Mount Roller Assembly

So a good search term for this roller assembly would be No Mount and it also could have dimple on yours also would search no mount dimple.

The last Type is called the TopHook Type and has hooks on top and also can have a tab also.

Sample 6 Roller

Your first search should be for tophook and it will show them all.

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