Picture Views We Need To Help You Find Your Roller


When you need help finding your correct roller assembly there are ceratin (views) pictures of your roller assembly that we need to see. We also need to know the wheel diamiter in inches ie.. 1' - 1 1/8" - 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" or larger.

One of the better views is a perspective view as shown below.

Using another object, to level out the roller assembly if needed, to look similar to the pictures of the roller assembly pictures listed on our web site. That gives us a good side and end view Where the adjusting screw is, plus we can see if the top is open or closed.

Profile Veiew Of Roller Assembly

Profile View Roller Assembly

Next we would like to see a flat side view of the roller assembly so we can tell if it has any other distinguishing dimples or marks that would help identify the roller assembly.

Roller Assembly Side View

Side Profile View Roller Assembly

Usually if we get good pictures of the above two views of a roller assembly we can determine what you have. But sometimes you may have a roller assembly that is shapped near the top or bottom that is not very distinguished from the above two views. So if you think your roller has a ceratin shape that needs clarified then pictures like the ones below will also be helpful.

Roller Front End View From Roller

Roller View From Adjusting Screw End

Adjuster End View Roller Assembly

Wheel End View



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