We have been getting a lot of forms with pictures as of late and people are really not sure of what we need, as far as pictures.
We need you to read and follow the links listed below to our help sections so there wont be so many wasted forms that do not give us enough information to help you figure out what you need.

Each link below for Help Section will open in a new browser tab or browser window depending on your particular setup.

After reading Help Section just close the new tab or window that was opened for that help.

Help Section Before You Fill Out Form
Patio Door Wheel Help

Before Sending in pictures of wheel assemblies. We need certain views of your wheel assemblies. Please click on the link to the right to read our picture views requests.

Remember, you have the part in your hand, and all we will have are pictures. We need as many different views as possible so we can look at what your looking for like we have it in our hand. Please do not send pictures wit a 1" tape measure covering up the roller assembly. You most likely will be covering up what I want to see.

Please do not send a bunch of pictures with the Roller Assembly Turned Upside Down Showing the Bottom. The reason you have removed your roller assembly is because I can't tell anything about what you have looking at the basicly same view as if it were still installed in the bottom of the door.

Picture Views We Need


Video On Wheel Types

Sliding Glass Door Handle Selecting

There are many types of Handles for sliding glass doors. Please read this help section on Patio Door Handles.

If you determine you have a hook style handle please read this section on hook profile set-back

Handle Type Selection

Hook Profile Setback

General Form Help

Forms without pictures are not much help.

When Uploading pictures if your using a Phone or Tablet please allow extra time (1 min per picture) for device to get pictures uploaded to our server. Before you upload the next one. We have experienced lots of incomplete pictures coming from phones and tablets.

Don't shrink pictures coming from phone or tablet. Postage Stamp size pictures do not help us figure out what you have.

If your roller assemblies look like a pile of rust in your hand, they will look like a pile of rust to us when we get the picture, please clean them up with a wire brush so we can actually see what your trying to show us.

In the questions asked on form, please give us as much information as possible, on questions asked on form


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