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Sliding Door Service and Parts LLC, owner of has been servicing the Sliding Glass Patio Door business with 40+ years experience, working on sliding glass doors and is more than qualified to assist you in finding the correct parts to make your sliding glass patio door work as good as or even better than it was when it was new. We do need some specific information from you in order for us to assist you in finding the correct parts.

Please understand, there is NO such thing as a "Standard Sliding Glass Door". Even the same manufacture over a period of time would create new models or series, and would change wheel types, handle types, weather-stripping types over a period of time. There are over 250 differ ant Wheel Assemblies some Stainless Steel and some Steel, Wheel types Stainless Steel, Steel, Vinyl, 3 differ ant types and over 35 differ ant Handles, dozens of Mortise Locks.

Most people will NOT be able to locate a manufacture name of their door and that is not important ( The Numbers On The Glass and The ASM*** Sticker Numbers On The Frame Have Nothing To Do With The Door), because over periods of time when doors are made, many manufactures would use the same parts. So your "ability" to "show us the part you need" will help us to be able to identify what parts you need. If your door was made pre 2000, the odds are good the manufacture has gone by the wayside.

Buying Parts for your Sliding Glass Door is like going to the auto parts store and even after giving them the the Year, Make, Model, Engine Size you still sometimes get the wrong part. But when you have the part in your hand when you get to the parts store you stand a better chance in getting the correct part you need. Sliding Glass Door Parts works the same way!

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